Ein verschwommenes Bild von Wasser mit grünem Gras und Sonnenstrahlen.


The diatom module is used to assess streams based on the frequencies and distribution of diatom species. Diatoms allow assessing streams based on their relation with chemical parameters, which can indicate anthropogenic pollution.

The diatom module is used to assess the water quality of streams based on the frequency and distribution of diatom species. The calculated diatom indicator (DI-CH) indicates the condition of the streams with regard to nutrient load.

What is assessed:

The biological water quality of a stream is assessed with regard to chemical parameters: Ammonium, nitrite, total inorganic nitrogen ([NH4-N] + [NO2-N] + [NO3-N]), total phosphorus, chloride and dissolved organic carbon (DOC).

Recorded parameters:

Frequencies and distribution of diatom species.


The evaluation is based on the Swiss Diatom Index (DI-CH)

The evaluation is done in five quality classes according to the DI-CH

The Information on the autoecology of diatoms is an complementary important aid to the interpretation of the DI-CH index. It contains information on the geographical distribution and presence of species in relation to chemical parameters.


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