Ein Blick auf ein Seeufer mit Bäumen und einem Gewässer.

Ecomorphology of the lakeshores

Lakes are influenced by various human uses.  The shores of many Swiss lakes are also affected: Embankments reduce the habitat quality for plants and animals. The modul ecomorphology of the lakeshores is used to evaluate and give a general description of  the  ecomorphological  state  of  the  lakeshores. With  the  help  of  aerial  photographs,  the  actual  lakeshore  morphology  and  the  uses,  installations  and  control  structures  in  and  along  the  lakeside  are  surveyed,  based  on  various  selected  features.  The ecomorphological  state  of  the  lakeshore  is  recorded  directly in a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Recorded parameters:

The  actual  lakeshore  morphology  and  the  uses,  installations  and  control  structures  in  and  along  the  lakeside.


Based on a target hierarchy, the ecomorphological state of the lakeshores is then assessed from the surveyed features. By applying a target hierarchy, individual lakeshore compartments such as «shallow water zone», «shoreline» and «shore zone» can be differentiated. Each compartment is evaluated by means of five quality classes.


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