Macrophytes (Aquatic Plants)

The macrophyte module is used to assess watercourses based on macrophyte community condition in wadable rivers and streams. Macrophytes are sessile and perennial, and hence integrate environmental and human impacts over longer time-periods. They are closely linked to the hydraulic and structural habitat conditions, they are a particularly well indicators of related human impacts (e.g. modification of river-banks or -beds).

Recorded parameters:

The evaluation is based on aquatic as well as helophytic species of regularly flooded areas of the adjacent river bank.


The method is based on a river typology and type specific reference conditions, and integrates both ecological (e.g. diversity, biomass) as well as conservation (e.g. neophytes, priority species) attributes. 

For the analysis of the collected data, an electronic tool is provided.

The evaluation is done in five quality classes.

Remarks on the digital attachments and electronic tool:

  • The digital attachments and electronic tool are available on the german and french page
  • The electronic tool is still under consultation and may therefore be updated . Please make sure that you have the latest version.
  • A data entry form is now available with the tool of the macrophyte module to facilitate data entry.