Ein verschwommenes Bild von Wasser mit grünem Gras und Sonnenstrahlen.

Modular stepwise procedure


November 2022

The help for the selection (Toolbox) of methods is now available on the website.

This toolbox lists the methods available in Switzerland to describe and assess the state of watercourses and water bodies, to identify the causes and to control the effects. The toolbox also provides assistance in the selection of methods according to the objective and the parameters to be studied.

October 2022

Several MSP related methods now available on the website:

April 2022

The publication on the environmental EDNA applications in biomonitoring and bioassessment of aquatic systems is now available

November 2019

New version of the of the macroinvertebrate module available

June 2019

An online data entry form is now available with the tool of the macrophyte module to facilitate data entry.

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