Ein verschwommenes Bild von Wasser mit grünem Gras und Sonnenstrahlen.


The methods of this expert report allow a regional assessment of the temperature regime in streams and rivers taking into account relevant interventions and their impacts on the temperature regime. The divergence from natural temperature conditions is estimated using a selection of assessment approaches (annual temperature variation and two short-term approaches) based on ecological considerations.

Note: This method does not correspond to an official module based on the federal government’s Modular Stepwise Procedure (BUWAL 1998). It is an expert report.

It will be not developed further to a module. However individual aspect of the methodology can be on one’s individual discretion applied to approach the topic of water temperatures in Swiss rivers and streams.

Recorded parameters:

Temperature data with a time resolution of 10 minutes.


The evaluation is based on a comparison with a reference condition.

An electronic tool is available for the evaluation of the collected data.

The evaluation is done in five quality classes with an additional class “without evaluation”, which is used if there is a change in temperature conditions but a classification in one of the five classes is not possible due to insufficient data. basis.


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