Ein verschwommenes Bild von Wasser mit grünem Gras und Sonnenstrahlen.


Gewässerbewertung: Methoden, Projekte

Internationale Projekte und Informationen
EU-STAR Standardisation of River Classifications
Freshwaterecology: Taxa and Autecology Database for Freshwater Organisms
RefCond: Protocol for Identification of Reference conditions «Guidance Document No. 10, Protocol for Identification of Reference conditions“
Rebecca: Relationships between ecological & chemical status of surface waters
Cemagref: Appui scientifique à la mise en oeuvre de la DCE
Ausrivas Australian River Assessment System
US EPA: US Environmental Protection Agency – Water Quality Monitoring – Biocriteria
AQEM: Assessment of the Ecological Quality of Streams and Rivers using Macroinvertebrates
Bewertung von Fliessgewässern anhand des Makrozoobenthos (Deutschland)
RIVPACS: River Invertebrate Prediction and Classification System (UK)
IBGN: Indice Biologique Global Normalisé I.B.G.N. NF, T90-350 Guide technique
FAME: Fish-based Assessment Method for the Ecological Status of European Rivers
EFI +: Improvement and Spatial extension of the European Fish Index
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